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Published on: Oct 16, 2018

Welcome to Donut's Blog!

A small introduction to what this website is. By Cheesy Empanada Image not available

This is the only article that Donut himself will not have written. Nice to meet you. I'm the Web Master and developer for this website. I go by Cheesy Empanada currently on Donut's Discord, and have been one of his moderators for some time now.

This website was designed to replace, a website that tracked police killings of all types for several years, and recently announced it would not continue to track such incidents because the curator couldn't continue to dedicate time to the project. As a result, the landing page serves the same function as KilledByPolice. However, this website also is intended to help Donut better keep track and analyze police related incidents, and to give him a platform to voice his opinions on, hence the other features on here.

I'll include links to Donut's social media platforms below.


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